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Buckhorn Waste Services is a leading provider of disposal services for solid waste byproducts generated in the process of developing and producing crude oil and natural gas. We help our clients achieve their objectives while fulfilling community, environmental and regulatory obligations by providing safe, reliable and efficient solutions for disposing of byproducts created in the drilling, completion and production of oil and natural gas. We own and operate two (2) special waste landfills (Dishon Disposal and Oaks Disposal) in the Williston Basin. Dishon Disposal, located near Williston, ND, specializes in the disposal of: drill cuttings, exploration and production waste, pit liners, contaminated soils from crude oil & natural gas drill locations, pipeline leaks (may require testing), production salt water spills (may require testing or radiation screening) & Industrial spills (testing required). Oaks Disposal, located near Glendive, MT, is the only facility in the Williston Basin that is permitted to dispose of technically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material, or TENORM, as well as surface contaminated equipment.



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