Welter Consulting, Inc.

  • Ren Gardner
  • Partner/Petroleum Engineer
  • PO Box 1582
    Billings, MT 59103
  • (406) 259-4878
Company Spotlight

Welter Consulting Inc. is an established oil and gas service company located in Billings, Montana that offers experience and expertise to exploration and production companies drilling oil and natural gas in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. Our consultants provide on-site insight to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as maintain a safe operating environment. Welter Consulting also has on staff a Petroleum Engineer to provide engineering and design for all oil/gas projects.


Corey Welter Ren Gardner
Partner President
(406) 670-3836 (406) 853-5913
mtoilman@welterconsulting.com ren@welterconsulting.com